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Your PRC and Saltillo Funding Source


PRC-Saltillo's Trial Device Program is the ideal solution for those looking to trial a device before purchase. The program provides FREE trial equipment for four (4) weeks, with an option to extend.

The only information required:

  • Insurance information (or credit card) – This will secure your device
  • Equipment selection sheet – Please be ready to select the device, language system and any other configurations per the recommendation from your SLP

That's it!

Borrow a Device…Keep the Device

Like the device? The trial program can be extended for four (4) additional weeks if funding is pursued.

All necessary paperwork should be submitted via secured fax or the AACFunding.com document uploader to PRC-Saltillo’s Funding Department within the four-week extension period.

The trial period can also be extended once all funding paperwork is received and pending funding source approval.

The best part? The communicator never loses their voice!

After funding is approved, PRC-Saltillo will send a brand-new device. The trial device is returned when the funding-approved device is received.

Device not a right fit? Return the device after 30 days* – we'll provide the shipping label.

(Please note: Be sure to keep the box your trial device was shipped in. Should you need to return the device, you’ll need to send it back in its original packaging.)
*If trial device is not returned, late fees may apply.

Let’s get started!

I have an SLP, and would like to proceed.

Roles and Responsibilities



  • SLP guides the trial and provides training at time of equipment set up.
  • SLP responsible (with parent/caregiver support) for helping to procure all the necessary documentation for submitting to insurance for purchase of equipment if that is pursued. See aacfunding.com for more information on what funding paperwork is required in each state.


  • The responsible party to the agreement (client or parent/caregiver) provides PRC-Saltillo with insurance information (or credit card), signed trial device agreement and client Information/equipment selection form.
  • Comply with the terms and conditions below.
  • Return the trial device at the time it is due

  • By initialing I acknowledge I have read and understand my responsibilities


  • PRC-Saltillo provides client with a trial device and works with your insurance company to verify benefits and submit need paperwork for coverage if purchase is pursued.
  • Following trial, if purchased device is approved, PRC-Saltillo sends a box with new device that can be used to return the trialed device.
  • PRC-Saltillo will assist as needed with transfer of information from trialed device to new device.
  • PRC-Saltillo consultants provide set up and training upon request. (www.prentrom.com/education (for PRC products) or www.saltillo.com/training (for Saltillo products).
  • PRC-Saltillo provides technical service and support with trialed and purchased equipment.

Terms & Conditions


In order to receive a trial device, this online application must be completed in full.

The initial trial period for loaned equipment is four weeks. If the trial equipment is selected as the appropriate communication solution and the decision to pursue funding is made, the trial period can be extended up to four (4) weeks pending submission of funding paperwork. Once PRC-Saltillo is notified of the decision to pursue purchase of new equipment, all of the necessary funding paperwork must be submitted to PRC-Saltillo as soon as possible and no later than four (4) weeks. PRC-Saltillo cannot submit incomplete funding submissions. If funding paperwork is not submitted at the end of the extended trial period, the trial equipment must be returned. Once all of the necessary funding paperwork is submitted to PRC-Saltillo, so that a complete funding packet can be submitted to the funding source, the trial loan period can be extended until the funding source approves or denies.

Only upon receipt by PRC-Saltillo of funding approval, can new equipment can be shipped. At that point, the trialed equipment must be returned to PRC-Saltillo. If the funding source denies and other payment options are not available, the trialed equipment must be returned. Trialed equipment must be returned at one of the following times:

  1. At the end of the four-week trial period if purchase of new equipment is not pursued.
  2. If all required funding paperwork is not provided to PRC-Saltillo within four weeks of purchase decision.
  3. Upon funding approved and receipt of new device or when funding is denied and no other funding options are available.

If trialed equipment is not returned in accordance with this agreement, the client/parent/caregiver (responsible party) will be liable for late fees. A late fee of $125.00 per week will be charged if all trial equipment is not received by PRC-Saltillo at the agreed upon return date. A minimum charge of $125.00 will be assessed to all late returns. Damage, loss, or theft of the trialed equipment is the responsibility of the responsible party to this agreement.

By initialing I acknowledge I have read and understand the Terms & Conditions

Optional accessories may be available and must be requested separately. Damage, loss, or theft of a trial device is the responsibility of the person who signs this agreement or of the entity represented by signature on this agreement.

Responsible Party

Must be over the age of 18

I have read and understood this agreement and I am over the age of 18.

Client Information


 We cannot ship to a P.O. Box

 We request this information in the event we are not able to contact you via phone or email and need to get in touch.
 Please use the email address you'd like to use to receive tracking updates and delivery notices.

Current place of residence


Skilled Nursing Facility

Nursing Facility

Custodial Care Facility

Assisted Living

Group Home

Intermediate Care Facility

 Some insurances will not pay based on place of residence. Your PRC-Saltillo representative will work with you in case of this event.

Delivery Address same as above

Delivery Information


 We cannot ship to a P.O. Box

SLP Information


Payment / Insurance Information



I would like to provide my insurance information instead.

Choose options:





Your Device

Choose one


Accent 800



Accent 1000



Accent 1400



Via Pro with WFL

LAMP WFL & 84 location keyguard included

PRiO Mini

Comes with LAMP WFL


NovaChat 5


NovaChat 8


NovaChat 10


NovaChat 12


Via Pro with TouchChat

Choose Option:
Choose Option:

TouchChat Mini


 Due to limited availability on new models, an older model may be substituted for a request.

Keyguards & TouchGuides

No options available. Please select a device to show potential options.
Select up to two

Select up to two

Select up to two

Select up to two

Select up to two

Select up to two



Choose up to two (includes extras)

Aero Switch


Freedom Switch


Liberator Switch



Choose only one

Table Stand

Floor Stand

Carry Strap

Include Carry Strap

You're almost done!

Please confirm your choices, then click submit down below.

Before clicking “Submit,” please review your information to ensure it is correct.

Upon receipt of your request, a confirmation will be sent to the email provided. Please be sure to look it over carefully to confirm all information is correct.

Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted by PRC-Saltillo within 3-5 business days.

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you!

Your request has been submitted.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at info@prentrom.com.

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