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Commercial insurance only orders must be COMPLETE and received by PRC-Saltillo on or before November 1, 2022 to allow for processing in this calendar year. Please note: this deadline does not guarantee shipment of the device before December 31.

Document Submissions

Here is where You can submit documents to your SLP and our funding staff. In most cases, “Submit Client Information” is where you’ll start by sending what is needed by your SLP to get started with your funding application. “Submit and AOB” is where you can fill out and sign an AOB form directly online and submit it to our funding staff. The AOB form is always a required document in a funding application. The “Submit Completed Documents” area is where you can send other required documents directly to our funding staff.

If you are an SLP or clinician, documents and applications can also be submitted in our Funding Toolkit, along with our online speech evaluation. The Funding Toolkit account allows for better organization of your submissions, saves submission history and allows for you to save your application progress. No need to finish the entire form in one sitting!