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Funding 101

The road to funding a speech-generating device (SGD) can feel challenging. We’re here to help.

couple with consultant looking over paperworkIn this section is information on some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive, along with a glossary of terms, tips and more.

How to Obtain Funding
Understand the funding process, from initial request to device delivery, and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to common questions regarding the funding process, including everything from what forms are needed to what’s required, to the process and how long it takes to working with insurance companies.

Insurance Tips
As you begin the process of working with your insurance company to obtain a device, they will have questions for you. We’ve compiled a list of codes, documents and other items you’ll need before you make that first call – and after.

Funding glossary
What’s an AOB? What does CMN stand for? Our list of commonly-used funding and insurance terms will help you “learn the jargon” as you work on funding your device.

Deferrals & Denials
A deferral or a denial from your insurance company is not the end of the road. Learn the difference between the two decisions and how PRC and Saltillo will continue to work on your behalf to try and get a favorable outcome.